- AMM+ integrated 14 protocols (PCS_V1, PCS_V2, APE, BABY, BAKE, BI, CAFE, JET, JUL, MDX, OpenOcean, HashFlow, DoDo, and Synapse)

- Limit Order integrated referrer và garbage collection (GC)

- Limit Order optimizes relayering, improving performance when conducting multiple orders at the same time

- UI/UX improved


- Pad: 47 Featured Pools, 01 Upcoming Pools

- Platinum: 30 Featured Seed/Private Pools


- DeBank: TVL $5000+ in stablecoin, APY 1.1%

- Pool: TVL $500,000+ in 14 pools


- Ver 1.0.3 intergrated NFT, DarkMode

- Ver 1.0.4 integrated deep link, newest Aggregator from LZ Swap



- A total of 1345 active farmers

- Add lucky box, upgrade card

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