A transaction tax for $BSCX is set to increase with time to encourage the migration to $LZ and uphold the integrity of LaunchZone Ecosystem.

  • This first change of burning mechanism that increased $BSCX transaction tax to 10% occurred from Aug 26 2021 08:06:52 AM UTC to Aug 31 2021 08:24:37 AM UTC


  • The second change of burning mechanism that increased $BSCX transaction tax from 10% to 20% started from Aug 31 2021 08:24:37 AM UTC


  • The transaction tax of $BSCX will be burnt. Track the burning of $BSCX transaction tax at this link:


Please follow this instruction to swap your $BSCX to our new token $LZ. 

Please be aware that the new $LZ token also have the deflationary mechanism. Every transaction of $LZ incurs a 6% tax:

  • 2% to add liquidity to pool: 0x3b78458981eb7260d1f781cb8be2caac7027dbe2

  • 2% for marketing

  • 1% to be burned

  • 1% to be sent to the foundation wallet: 0xa8cd2bc8140a760d4ac81e415e0296f3af7aa752

To read more about $LZ tokenomics, click here.