We have had a busy week with new partnerships and one new IDO. April is a big month for LaunchZone team and supporters, more exciting events coming soon.

Apr 11

1,064,500 $BSCX locked prior to the new IDO.

Partnership with BerryData and new pool for BRY/BNB announced.

Pools for DEGO/BNB and BRY/BNB are now available on PoolX.

Apr 12

Announcement of the new TWINCI IDO on April 16, 2021.

Reward announcement of the Swirge Spring Festival Referral Trading Challenge.

Apr 13

PoolX ranked 2nd and SwapX 4th on BSCDaily’s top 6 BSC DApps with best social signals.

LaunchZone official Twitter account has passed the 30,000 followers milestone and followed by CZ.

Apr 14

1,099,500 $BSCX locked 2 days before the TWINCI IDO.

Announcement of new partnership with ITAM Games.

Apr 15

AMA session with Cryptotech at 07:00 AM UTC.

1,100,000 $BSCX locked 1 day before the new IDO.

Reward announcement of the VAI Spring Festival Referral Trading Challenges.#

Updated statistics:

  • 02 leading DApps on BSC

  • 30-day volume: more than US$1 billion

  • Organic hodlers: 32,000

  • 28-day Twitter impressions: 22 millions

  • Announced partnerships: more than 50 partners on BSC

  • Number of 30-day transactions: 132,000

  • Number of IDOs: 03

Apr 16

Release of the TWINCI IDO Whitelist.

Successful completion of the TWINCI IDO.

AMA session with Cryptoscreen at 02:00 PM UTC.

AMA session with Cryptoclub at 07:00 AM UTC.

Apr 17

$BSCX is now supported by TrustWallet.

FInancial Report

As of this week, there has not been any new payment.

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