Our PoolX has been successfully migrated to the new version and SwapX v.2.0. is available for faster transactions at even lower fees.

May 02

$BSCX ranked 4th on Coin98’s list of top 10 tokens trading on Coin98 Wallet.

LaunchZone is proud to accompany Binance BCF and support their efforts to ease the Covid-19 pain in India.

#BSCXHeroes was trending on Twitter thanks to our beloved supporters and advocates.

Liquidity mining pools for $XPO and $TWIN tokens have been migrated completely to poolx.launchzone.org.

May 03

Introduction of LaunchZone’s new product: InnoX.

XPOOL has decided to stop all liquidity mining activities for $XPO on PoolX and start their in-house staking program. Read here for more details.

May 04

#BSCX became a trending keyword.

Liquidity farming of TOOLS has been discontinued.

Announcement of new partnership with Bondly Finance.

May 05

LaunchZone has released the Roadmap ver 2.0 here.

SwapX has been successfully upgraded to the new version (V.2.0).

May 06

LaunchZone wallet has received donations of over $6,600 for Covid-19 patients in India.

SwapX and PoolX ranked 6th and 8th on Dapp.com’s list of top 10 projects with the highest social signal scores.

Announcement of new airdrop for participants of the last 03 IDOs on PadX in the Lucky Ticket Round.

New statistics on Twitter:

  • Tweet impressions: 20.2M (+114.5%)

  • Profile visits: 1.34M (89.3%)

  • Mentions: 166K (+177.2%)

  • Followers: 55.1K (+27,493)

Introduction of LaunchZone’s new product DexX.

May 07

Introduction of LaunchZone’s new product VaultX.

Liquidity mining pools for $ZDCASH have been completely migrated to poolx.launchzone.org.

LaunchZone wallet has received donations of almost $8,000 for Covid-19 patients in India.

Single staking of $BSCX is available on PoolX.

Financial Report

As of this week, there has not been any new payment.

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