There is so much happening behind the scenes. LaunchZone Team has been working hard to offer our community a special tribute.

May 09

InnoX is being connected to PoolX with several staking options:

  • $CAKE-style staking

  • $SAFEMOON-style staking

  • Single token staking

Ditto Money sent their donations of US$1,000 to LaunchZone wallet.

May 11

AMA session with Crypto Caravan at 3PM UTC.

LaunchZone official Twitter account has reached 60,000 followers.

Announcement of new strategic partnership with CafeSwapFinance.

Airdrop for participants of the last 03 IDOs on PadX in the Lucky Ticket Round distributed on PadX.

May 12

Swap portal for the The Force Trade IDO participants goes live here.

Reward announcement of the Binance USD Referral Trading Challenges.

May 13

AMA session with Decentralized Club at 2PM UTC.

Financial Report

As of this week, there has not been any new payment.

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