LaunchZone supports and partners with other projects on BSC to offer better services.

Jun 07

BSCX ranked first on CryptoDep’s list of top NFT projects by social activity.

LaunchZone SwapX ranked 4th on BSCDaily’s list of top 6 BSC DApps with best social signal.

LaunchZone is available on LunarCRUSH.

Jun 08

Transcript of our Telegram AMA with Binance has been updated.

Jun 09

BSCX ranked 9th on CryptoDep’s list of BSC ecosystem coins by social activity.

Jun 10

LaunchZone now has more than 79,000 followers on Twitter.

LaunchZone ranked first on Coin98 Analytics’ list of top 10 NFT projects having highest attention on Twitter.

Announcement of the new strategic partnership with AcryptoS.

CoinMarketCap followed LaunchZone on Twitter.

Jun 11

BSCX ranked 4th on BSCDaily’s list of top BSC coins mentioned the most on Twitter.

LaunchZone is one of the top influencers on Twitter.

Announcement of the new strategic partnership with Bakery Tools.

Jun 12

Announcement of the new strategic partnership with 100XCoin.

Financial Report

As of this week, there has not been any new payment.

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